Canadians Freaking Out Over Winning Hockey Gold Is Just Fantastic

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People spend their whole lives looking for something to love like Canadians love hockey. So what happens when you throw in a sudden death win for a gold medal?

Above is Canada's Tim and Sid on simulcast. Knock knock, who's there, GOLD MEDAL IN THE FACE, THAT'S WHO'S THERE.


Here's Rob Ford, having a blast:


And here are the Edmonton Oilers, watching live:

The Canadian embassy in Washington D.C.:


Here's a video we can't embed of a bar-full of Canadians losing it for a full two minutes, and here are students in George Brown College, in Toronto:

Here's a group of very friendly looking folks, and one miserable guy:

Is this after school? Is this, uh, what Canadian schools do every day?

Yep, this is just what Canadian high schools are up to today:

Halifax Mooseheads before practice:

Havergal College, an all-girls school from pre-K to 12:

This one from York University is less uproarious than kind of sweet:

Is this a science class?



Surprise ending:

Asian kid:

Far more advanced air-hump game here:

And just for some balance, here's the U.S. reaction:

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