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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Canadians Freaking Out Over Winning Hockey Gold Is Just Fantastic

People spend their whole lives looking for something to love like Canadians love hockey. So what happens when you throw in a sudden death win for a gold medal?


Above is Canada's Tim and Sid on simulcast. Knock knock, who's there, GOLD MEDAL IN THE FACE, THAT'S WHO'S THERE.

Here's Rob Ford, having a blast:

And here are the Edmonton Oilers, watching live:

The Canadian embassy in Washington D.C.:


Here's a video we can't embed of a bar-full of Canadians losing it for a full two minutes, and here are students in George Brown College, in Toronto:

Here's a group of very friendly looking folks, and one miserable guy:

Is this after school? Is this, uh, what Canadian schools do every day?

Yep, this is just what Canadian high schools are up to today:

Halifax Mooseheads before practice:

Havergal College, an all-girls school from pre-K to 12:

This one from York University is less uproarious than kind of sweet:

Is this a science class?



Surprise ending:

Asian kid:

Far more advanced air-hump game here:

And just for some balance, here's the U.S. reaction:

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