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Cardale Jones Didn't Know He Was Starting Until The First Series

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The only meaningful bit of pregame intrigue surrounding Ohio State’s season opener against Virginia Tech was the question of who would be the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback. With Braxton Miller moving to receiver, the choice was down to J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones, and both were kept in the dark just as long as we were.

From ESPN:

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones says he had no idea he would be starting against Virginia Tech on Monday until the Buckeyes’ first offensive series.

Both he and J.T. Barrett had helmets and mouthpieces on awaiting the decision from coach Urban Meyer after Virginia Tech punted to start the game.

“Honestly, we both went out in the huddle with the first play,” Jones said. “We didn’t know. I was taking a couple steps to the sideline, and [Meyer] was like, ‘No, you’re in.’ When you found out, I found out.”


What the hell? I’m sure Urban Meyer concocted some explanation for how screwing with Jones and Barrett would Motivate These Young Men and Keep Them Hungry, but not letting your team know who the quarterback is until they’ve stepped onto the field seems pretty damn silly. Although maybe overthinking strategy to the point of absurdity is the only way to keep yourself interested when you are coaching the best team in the nation.


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