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Cardinals Minor Leaguer Thinks Jon Lester Is A Cheater [Update]

The photo above was captured and shared on Twitter last night by Cardinals minor league pitcher Tyler Melling, who wondered if that greenish splotch on the inside of Jon Lester's glove is vaseline.


Melling's tweet was enough to get people riled up, and the hunt for evidence of Lester's cheating was on. A few more screenshots popped up, and people starting sharing a Vine showing Lester rubbing his fingers on the same spot in his glove.

Scandal! Or something. There was definitely something on Lester's glove last night, but we'll likely never know what it was. It could have been vaseline, or pine tar, or even just a chunk of wet grass. What we can count on, though, is that Cardinals fans will be chirping about it through the end of the series.

Update: Lester says it was just rosin.

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