Cardinals Offensive Lineman Takes Cheap Shot At Ndamukong Suh's Knees

This is what happens to you when you earn a reputation as the NFL's dirtiest player.


In the video above you can see Arizona Cardinals right guard Reggie Wells Paul Fanaika taking a blatant cheap shot at Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who just last week was penalized and fined for diving into the knees of Vikings center John Sullivan. Don't fuck with offensive lineman, I guess.

It's unlikely that very many people noticed this play when it happened, but this may be a sign that Suh's colleagues have grown tired of his dirty antics. You can only take so many cheap shots and stomp on so many defenseless players before people start looking to return the favor.

The good news for Suh is that he avoided injury on this play. The bad news for Suh is that he's got 14 more games to play against angry offensive lineman who wouldn't mind sending him to the sidelines.

h/t Jonathan