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Carl Monday Is Now Ready To Get Serious

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As we close the book on Super Bowl XLI and look forward to the future, we think it's important to remember where we came from, who shaped us and made us who we are today. We're talking of course about the great Carl Monday, who announced over the weekend that he's jumping ship and heading to a new Cleveland television station. But that's not all: He's earning a new lease on life, too, and he's gonna Change His Ways.

"We're tickled. He's going to fit in perfectly," said Channel 19 news director Dan Salamone. Salamone said he looks forward to returning Monday to meaningful investigations, "as opposed to some of the rubbish he's been asked to do the last few years."

Rubbish! Rubbish? RUBBISH?! Clearly, this "Dan Salamone" character knows not of which he speaks. A non-compete clause will force Monday off the airwaves, sadly, until late summer, so if you're up for some public library jacking, you now know just how long you have to fit it in.


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(We've mentioned this before, but the Carl Monday-Mike Cooper saga still might be our favorite thing we've ever had on this site. We honestly go back and watch it once every couple of weeks.)

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