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Carl Monday, Meet Jon Stewart

You thought Carl Monday, being an Emmy winner after all, was as famous as he could possibly be. But you're wrong: He's about to go mainstream, baby.


From Carl's always relentless blog this weekend:

It's 7:30am...and a "reporter" and two photographers are camped out at the end of my driveway. Wait...isn't that my job? The "reporter" approaches and barks out something like this......"Carl, I'm a big fan of yours. How do you like going after sleeze bags?"

This must be some kind of a joke. Well, in fact it is. The kind you find on Comedy Central. More to the point, the cable commedy icon....John Stewart Show. Yea, I know the guy is enormously popular...even hosted the Oscars....but at 11pm..I'm usually watching the local news and admit to not owning Tivo.

Seems Stewart's producers sent the crew to Cleveland to do a "bit" on me. They hung around all day...sticking their microphone in the faces of downtowners...and Channel 3 staffers. They hung around the station...and finally, by late afternoon...we "confronted" them...a case of dueling confrontations if you the Channel 3 parking lot.
The "reporter" asked rediculous questions..and wasted no time regressing to comments about the "library story." You can guess where the "interview" went from there. The "spoof" is supposed to air this week on the Commedy Channel. We'll give you a heads up on WKYC.COM.

Hoo boy. We will stay glued to "The Commedy Channel" all week; this could turn out somewhat amusing.

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