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Remember Carlos Correa’s first 10 days in the big leagues, when he showed up and started turning pitches that had no business even being swung at into home runs? Well, he’s still doing that.

Check out this damn dinger:


Just as it was when Correa did this against the Rockies in June, the thing to make note of is just how far off the inside part of the plate that pitch was. According to Pitch f/x, Colby Lewis’s pitch was about 18 inches off the center of the plate:

The other important thing to remember is that Correa isn’t a guy who stands way back in the box or uses a big open stance to feast on balls off the inside corner. He hits pitches like these by tucking his strong-as-hell hands into his body and bringing the bat through the zone with ungodly speed. That’s not a thing that very many guys who aren’t all-stars can do.

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