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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Carmelo Anthony To Knicks Fan: "You Are Stuck With Me, Buddy."

Illustration for article titled Carmelo Anthony To Knicks Fan: You Are Stuck With Me, Buddy.

Carmelo Anthony has never been one to shy away from mixing it up with his fans and haters on social media, and his latest response to a rude Instagram commenter is that of a man who is feeling pretty fed up.


Via ESPN, here’s what ‘Melo had to say to a commenter who questioned the Knicks forward’s commitment to the game:

“Shows how little you know about me. Staying in NY shows that I do care. If I would have left, what would you have said then? “Oh, Melos wack for leaving. He turned his back on NY”. FOH. You are stuck with me buddy. Deal with it. If you want me gone, I’ll personally walk you into the front office so you can plead your case of the Knicks trading me. Hope you have bail money bc they might have you arrested for Disturbing the Peace.”


Pretty good response, but still nowhere near as magical as the “glazed donut face ass” incident. I think we can all agree that Twitter is the more well-suited medium for Carmelo’s burns.


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