Caroline Wozniacki Doesn't Think Maria Sharapova Deserves To Be On Center Court

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After her second-round upset loss to the perpetually underestimated Ekaterina Makarova, U.S. Open five-seed Caroline Wozniacki unloaded on both the USTA’s scheduling strategy and Maria Sharapova, who has played both of her matches so far on center court. Wozniacki doesn’t think this is right:

A transcription:

“I think, you know, putting out a schedule where the No. 5 in the world is playing on court five, fifth match on, after 11, I think that’s unacceptable. And when you look on center court—I understand completely the business side of things and everything— but someone who comes back from a drug sentence, performance enhancing drugs, and then all of the sudden gets to play every single match on Center Court, I think that’s a questionable thing to do. It doesn’t set a good example. And I think someone who has fought their way back from injury and is No. 5 in the word deserves to play on a bigger court than Court 5 and finally they moved us to Court 17, which is a really nice court actually, and we had great atmosphere out there, but um yeah, I think they probably should sometimes look into...what they need to do in the future.”


I guess Wozniacki isn’t buying it.