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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

With first place in the West on the line, the Staples Center was as raucous as its been for a non-Lakers game in many, many, many years. (Many.) Caron Butler did his part, nearly forcing a turnover from Kevin Durant in the corner, and then sneaking in behind Serge Ibaka to land this swat block. It would have been spectacular even without the physical comedy of ref Derek Richardson getting smacked upside the face with the ball and going down like a sack of bricks. But thankfully we have that too.


In the video that keeps on giving, keep an eye on the ball after it bounces off Richardson's head. It bounces right to Russell Westbrook. Despite the audible whistle, despite every other standing around like it's a dead ball, despite the striped heap in the corner—Westbrook's first instinct is to square up for a shot. He's the best. Here's another angle:

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