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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Cartoon Foresaw Asshole Redface Guy A Decade Ago

Illustration for article titled Cartoon Foresaw Asshole Redface Guy A Decade Ago

As if that dumbass-Indians-fan ordeal couldn't get any more surreal, it turns out one cartoonist depicted almost the exact situation in 2002.


On his blog, Lalo Alcaraz says that he wasn't even aware of the eerie similarity between his satirical cartoon and the real deal until someone tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the two.

At first I thought it was just a hilarious comparison. Then I began examining the two images more closely and got a little weirded out. I went to the archives to pull up the big, high-res version of the toon (below, double-click to enlarge) and compared it to the photo. I immediately noticed the face paint, the writing on the shirt, the similar headdresses, and the nearly identical right hand position of the mascot-lovin' dude. When I noticed the nearly identical pose of the Native protester in the photo and in my cartoon, I started tripping out.


He even nailed the weak rationalization—though, to be fair, the real Native American's side-eye was much fiercer than the cartoon version. So is this art imitating life, life imitating art, or just morons being incredibly predictable, even in the extremes?

[Jim Romenesko|]

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