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More on our favorite 30-seconds of death advertisement: An eagle-eyed reader has found the actual casting all for the commercial, posted on Auditions And Casting back in December.

A modern day Smother's brothers; who are musical comedy folk duo. They have fun Blues brothers rapport but with a cleaner folk look; but short of a a too squeeky midwest clean look.

The ad campaign was started by "one of the orignial (sic) writer/directors from SNL" and says he "likes great subtle comic underexposed actors." It should perhaps come as no surprise that the ad was originally posted through Craig's List. And yes: The campaign will continue; this is just the first ad.

If you hadn't already come to the decision that Applebee's should not be your first stop for all your dining needs, we implore you to reach that frame of mind. Soon. Like, right now.


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