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Cavan Biggio Proves There's Enough Room In Toronto For Two Dinger-Mashing Sons Of Cooperstown Greats

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The Toronto Blue Jays made history on Friday when they called up Cavan Biggio to the Majors. If Cavan’s last name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Cavan is the son of Astros legend Craig Biggio. As a result of that connection, the Blue Jays became the first team in Major League history to have two sons of Hall-of-Famers as teammates—with Vlad Guerrero Jr. being the other player.

Unlike his fellow Cooperstown spawn in Guerrero Jr., Biggio did not have a crushing weight of expectations on his shoulders and was able to avoid national criticism for waiting until his third game (Sunday) to get the first big league hit of his career. But he soon followed up that at-bat with a much more powerful swing, and a much sweeter result, with a shot to the moon and back.

The only thing sweeter than the fact that Biggio’s first MLB home run was launched 405 feet, is how happy Vlad Jr. was when he celebrated the newcomer’s milestone alongside an equally-elated Lourdes Gurriel Jr, another young teammate with close family ties in baseball—Lourdes’s older brother is Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel, and their dad won an Olympic gold medal playing baseball for Cuba in 1992.


Cavan is already off to a much better start when it comes to batting than his dad was back in 1988. Craig didn’t get his first hit until his fourth game with the Astros and didn’t hit his first career home run until game 33. If the younger Biggio wants to keep beating his dad at these various firsts, he’ll need to hit his first double by his sixth game and his first triple by game eight—he’s already behind on stolen bases, unfortunately. But it’s not a huge deal if he doesn’t manage to break out of the shadow of his old man immediately since the budding youth on the Blue Jays seem more than ready to pick up Biggio’s slack.

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