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Illustration for article titled CBS Shows Ads Over The Void After Power Outage Disrupts Chiefs-Jaguars Broadcast
Image: CBS

Coming back from a commercial after the Jaguars cut the Chiefs’ lead to 37-19, CBS didn’t return to the game broadcast. In a nihilistic twist, the network kept showing ads over nothing.

CBS studio host James Brown then said viewers were being moved to a more competitive game, which is usually fine. But both the Kansas City and Jacksonville markets, which should get the whole game regardless of the score, were moved.


On the cable version of NFL RedZone, Scott Hanson said there was a power outage at the stadium. Officially, CBS reported technical difficulties. Chiefs beat writer Matt Derrick tweeted that the CBS production truck had lost power; Brown confirmed that after the 1 p.m. games were wrapping up.

At least viewers were able to see what a Home Depot ad looks like over utter blackness. The terror.

Staff editor, Deadspin

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