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Updates on all of the early games, including a shootout between the Dolphins and Chiefs.

• Cincinnati vs Cleveland: Chad Johnson is out due to a hamstring injury. But the stunningly terrible Bengals don't seem to mind a whole lot, as they lead the almost equally awful Browns by a couple of TDs.


• Miami vs Kansas City: This is the best game of the day so far. Who woulda thunk it? The Dolphis have taken the lead, thanks to a Chad Pennington hookup with Anthony Fasano. 24-21, Fish.

• Arizona vs New England: Where's your God now, Warner? Evidently, he's buried under a bunch of snow, as are the Cardinals. The Buzzsaw trail by four scores, and are busy looking for someplace to warm their limbs.

• Pittsburgh vs Tennesse: Old man Collins continues to amaze, and has his team up by three points at home.

• San Diego vs Tampa Bay: At the half, the Chargers lead 20-10. Rivers has gone into the air for 201 yards, and two scores. Which did wonders for his self-esteem.

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