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Chan Ho Park Is Bad At Rapping, Good At Poking Himself In The Eye

Hey, have you been wondering what Chan Ho Park is up to these days? Me neither! But that matters little to Chan Ho Park, who is currently back in his home country of South Korea, pitching for the Hanwha Eagles, and living the life of a fucking boss. Well, at least as far as life insurance commercials go. Behold Chan Ho dropping bars on behalf of Hanwha Insurance.

So many great things about this commercial. The first is the part where Park pokes himself in the eye with his sunglasses, six seconds in. Was that a blooper that the director decided to leave in because he thought it was funny (it is)? Or was it meant to demonstrate to the audience what kind of everyday catastrophes Hanwha Insurance can protect them from?

The eye-poke is nearly surpassed by the weirdly intimate shot of Park striking a Thinker pose (or is he Tebowing?!). Either way, he's probably thinking about how awesome he is, as evidenced by his egg-shaped lounging chair. Keep doing you, Chan Ho Park, the insurance game needs some of that realness.


h/t Dan

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