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Chandler: A Chat With The Sklar Brothers

Occasionally, Deadspin associate editor Rick Chandler goes out and interviews people. Look! He talked to the Sklar Brothers!

Our own poll was frustratingly inconclusive on their comedic skills, but ESPN thinks enough of the Sklar brothers to be talking with them toward developing a new project with the network. Their previous show, "Cheap Seats," in which the brothers — Randy and Jason — played fictional tape librarians who mock network sports clips, was canceled last year after a three-year run on ESPN Classic.


"We miss the show, yeah," said Randy Sklar. "ESPN gave us a fantastic opportunity for which we're really grateful. It was the best process to be able to create a show and not have to go through 27 different filters to get it on the air. We just met with the producers there, pitched our idea and they're like, 'OK, let's do it.' Anyone who has worked with the studios in Hollywood, as we have, knows that that's really rare. Hollywood gives you so many ways to fail."

So what now? The Sklars can't go into detail about their new ESPN project except to say that it will probably be on ESPN-1, or "the mother ship," as they call it. Until then they wander the countryside, lost and a bit confused, knowing that there are sports stories ripe for mocking for which they have no outlet.

"Every time we see a spelling bee, it makes us sad," said Jason of the former Cheap Seats staple. "And of course professional wrestling. And we really never got around to Barbaro. The people who write him letters, just strange. I just kind of wish that people had the same compassion for people in wars that they have for a horse. Granted, I love animals, but let's get real."


"I've always wanted to see a Barbaro episode of Grey's Anatomy," Randy said. " 'Fuck you, Barbaro! I'm in operating room one!' 'Dr. Wilson wants that horse out of this hospital!' 'No! There'll be letters! Those Barbaro fans are crazy!' 'We've got to save that hoof, Dr. O'Malley!' My God, it's laminitis! We want operating room one, goddamn it!'

"I think that would be great."

The Sklars are also working on a Cheap Seats DVD which should be in stores in the near future. Barbaro, meanwhile, was beaten by Invasor for 3-year-old Horse of the Year at the Eclipse Awards on Monday. Bastards.


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