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Chandler In Tahoe: Tokyo Drift

I wasn't able to take a photo of it so I have no tangible proof, but I swear that this was one of the threesomes during Thursday's final day of practice at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament: Cheech Marin, Charles Barkley and Kevin Nealon. If this was part of God's plan, He has just been screwing with us this entire time.

Also, a scoop! While listening in to a radio interview with Dan Quayle near the practice tees, I heard him say this: "The situation in Iraq is a difficult. The American people are going to have to understand that we are going to be there a long time; probably far exceeding the Bush administration. Hillary Clinton is going to inherit this." Slight pause. "Of course I hope that doesn't happen, but the next President is going to inherit this, whoever that is." Score! Quayle calls race for Hillary! Someone please alert the Huffington Post. Oh, and also, "Our economy is strong." Dan just thought he'd throw that one in there.


Lucas Black is a great golfer who could do very well in the tournament ... The photo above is from last year, as Ben Roethlisberger tries to hit a boat with a football ... Lawrence Taylor will not stop hitting balls at practice tee for me to ask him questions ... Howard Cosell impersonator — complete with vintage ABC jacket — pesters everyone, including Al Michaels ... Dick Jauron doesn't like it when you make fun of Buffalo's weather ... Vinnie Testaverde is a dick ... Gene Upshaw arrives today, unless NFL front office tells him otherwise ... Steve Spurrier has taken to using the restroom these days ... Lou Holtz is old.

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