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We kind of can't believe Norv Turner is back coaching in the NFL. here's what they're saying about the Norv Turner hire in San Diego ...

AOL Fanhouse. The Chargers hired a guy that flamed out so badly in Washington, he was replaced by Marty Schottenheimer. Think about that for a moment. The Turner ship was so out of control, with coaches fighting players and such, that the team needed Schottenheimer to come in and clean up Turner's mess. Now this guy is going to run the Chargers?


That Guy Sports Blog. All AFC contenders should rest easier tonight, the San Diego Chargers will not be a factor this season, or any future season. I can't help but wonder if Chargers ownership is trying to lose next year so they can fire General Manager AJ Smith and completely re-tool the organization. Is now a good time to mention that Turner's career record as a head coach is 58-82-1? That's 24 games under .500 folks. TWENTY FOUR.

With Leather. The San Diego Chargers have filled their coaching vacancy by hiring Norv Turner, a move that sends a clear message to San Diego fans, and that message is fuck you. The Chargers administration obviously hates the people of San Diego, because nobody could make such a foolish hiring by accident. It's simply a malicious act, one targeted at wasting a voracious defense and the transcendent talent of LaDainian Tomlinson.

The Strange World. The Chargers are going to hire Norv Turner to be their head coach. What a way to stick it in the eye of Marty! Apparently, the Spanos family and AJ Smith have decided that even a monkey could coach the Chargers to a division title. That's a huge gamble, considering that while Norv is a fine coordinator, his experience as a head coach has been, shall we say, lackluster?

Chargers Locker. One thing immediately comes to mind with the Chargers' coaching A.J. Smith nuts?


49ers News. The 49ers now must look for a new offensive coordinator. With the timing of this whole situation and the combine on the horizon look for Nolan to promote wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan as the next OC. Other candidate names that may arise are Ken Zampese (QB Coach Bengals), Jim Fassel (doing nothing right now) and maybe some other current 49ers coaches in Warhop and Hoerner. By the way I blame the Tuna for all of this. Now let's take a moment to laugh at the Chargers. They go from Schottenheimer/Phillips to Turner/Cottrell...

Chargers Confidential. How does this happen? How do you hire a guy who just got beat out for the Dallas job by someone you apparently didn't think was good enough to push Marty out of the way for? Someone whose head coaching experience includes a decidedly negative won-loss record? This is our savior? Can Norv win a Super Bowl? Well, we're gonna find out.

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