Chargers Lose In Humiliating Fashion After Melting Down On The Goal Line

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Photo: James Kenney (AP)

The Los Angeles Chargers looked all set to capture a dramatic win in Tennessee this afternoon, only to lose on one of the most bizarre, painful sequences you’ll see all year. The franchise has mastered losing in idiotic ways, and the final sequence of today’s 23-20 was the apotheosis of that trend.


Philip Rivers drove his team into the red zone in the final minutes of the game, and he seemed to win it with a 16-yard touchdown to Austin Ekeler with 44 seconds left. However, officials reviewed the play and ruled Ekeler down at the one. The Chargers then committed a false start penalty. Rivers missed his man in the end zone, but Los Angeles caught a break and wound up once again at the one-yard line thanks to a defensive pass interference. That’s when things got even weirder, somehow.

Melvin Gordon appeared to score a touchdown with 34 seconds left, only he too was called about one foot short after a replay review. Anthony Lynn handed it off to Gordon again, and Gordon fell short again, this time also fumbling in the process. Officials initially ruled Gordon down, which would have given the Chargers time for maybe one more play, but the review confirmed the fumble, and the Chargers lost. Here’s the final play.

Perhaps they would not have lost in this awful way if Philip Rivers was more willing to try QB sneaks.

Man, this loss would really sting if the Chargers had more than a dozen or so fans.

Staff writer, Deadspin