Chargers Superfan Boltman On Security Asking Him To Remove Mask: "They Treated Me Like A Criminal," Makes Rodney King Comp

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Chargers superfan Dan Jauregui—better known as Boltman, the persona he’s adopted at games for decades—is, uh, extremely frustrated after briefly being told that he would be ejected if he did not remove his mask during his first game at the recently relocated team’s new home stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Video of his confrontation with security shows that he was allowed to keep his mask on after initially being told that he would need to remove it or else leave. But Jauregui still shared an article on Facebook asserting that he was kicked out of the game—which, as the Times of San Diego checked by calling up the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department today, he was not, as a department spokesperson said that no one was ejected on Sunday at all.


He also got pretty testy in relaying the incident to a local radio show this week, saying, “They treated me like a criminal… You can’t even make this stuff up — to harass one of your most recognizable fans.” He went on to say that if someone hadn’t been taping the incident, he would have risked being beaten “like Rodney King” by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies that stadium security called in for back-up.

Here’s video of the incident. It features a few minutes of security telling Jauregui that masks are not allowed, him saying that he doesn’t see a sign saying so, a sheriff’s deputy coming and asking him to please remove the mask, everyone finally letting go and allowing him to keep it, and no physical confrontation at all:

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