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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Charles Barkley Plays By A Different Set Of Broadcast Rules

Charles Barkley's impromptu, line-crossing NBA analyst technique is what endears him to millions and it continues to amaze me how much he gets away with on-air/off-court without any career-ending consequences. The latest installment: Last night's TNT broadcast where Sir Roundmound calls Kenny Smith "Numb nuts" and his producer a "pussy."

This is a step down on the insult chain for Kiely, who's had to put up with Barkley insults throughout most of his career at TNT, going from "big fat obnoxious boss" to pussy. Reggie Miller's "What's wrong with you?!" reaction after Barkley's p-word is also pretty amusing and another reason why this show continues to be one of the most entertaining sports broadcasts in history.

Charles Barkley Lets Cat Get His Tongue [You Been Blinde]

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