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Charles Barkley Realizes Isiah Thomas Suicide Jokes Don't Play Well at Press Conferences

Charles Barkley, loudmouth TNT NBA analyst and potential 2014 gubernatorial nominee, may have finally crossed his own arbitrary tastelessness line. Barkley, commenting on the current state of the Knicks at a press conference, made this unfortunate quip about his old buddy Isiah Thomas, who recently overdosed on sleeping pills:

In discussing ways in which the Knicks should be improved this season, Barkley said, "I think they have a better coach. This coach probably won't try to kill himself." [...] Barkley, usually not one to shy from potentially insensitive remarks, seemed to sense his attempt at humor had crossed a line. "That's my fault," he said.


Chris Mottram, the Sporting Blog's resident staff sergeant, had this to say about the slip-up:

Part of Barkley's appeal is a style that is always this close to some kind of disaster. Here, he walked right into it and I suspect, earned some respect from his critics by admitting his mistake. Though I see it as him realizing that, for once, the act he'd worked so hard to perfect during his time in the public eye sometimes just won't cut it.


Well, maybe this will at least encourage Charles to hire a speech writer when he does start stumping in Alabama. Boo! Knicks Too Scary for TNT [Newsday] Charles Barkley: 'At Least The Knicks Have a Coach Who Won't Try To Kill Himself' [Sporting News] Links: Lunch With Kenny and Charles [SLAM! Online]

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