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Dan Gilbert is a piece of shit—a slave master mentality-having grifter with skin as thick as tracing paper. That said, let’s laugh at this funny thing he’s doing by reportedly inviting Charles Oakley to tonight’s Cavaliers-Knicks game.

Oakley is in his hometown of Cleveland currently. As is typical for him when back home, he has decided to attend the Cavs’ game tonight, which the Daily News first reported. It just so happens that the Cavs are playing the Knicks. This will be Oakley’s first Knicks game since The Incident.


Whether Gilbert aims to appease his all-powerful player/GM LeBron James, who is close with Oakley and who has spoken out about Oak’s treatment, or if it’s to toss another shovel-full of dirt on the Oakley-Dolan beef that the NBA desperately wishes would get buried for good already, or if it’s simply to troll the incompetent boob Knicks owner, James Dolan (the interpretation we’d prefer, though that might be somewhat of a stretch, seeing as Gilbert’s no stranger to incompetent boobery himself), the Cavs owner has gone out of his way to offer Oakley some choice seats to the game.

This should be good. Will Oakley have any spicy quotes when he’s undoubtedly interviewed by reporters in the stadium? Will any Knicks players make a show of dapping Oakley up before or after the game, sending a message to everyone in the league but especially to Dolan about who they back in this tiff? Possibilities abound!

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