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Charles Woodson Has Smart Things To Say About Colin Kaepernick

Former NFL player Charles Woodson is one of the new faces on the set of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, and yesterday he helped bring some sanity to the ongoing conversation about Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest.

In the clip above, Woodson gives his reasons for supporting Kaepernick, and reveals that the quarterback’s protest caused him to rethink his own relationship with the national anthem, a song he used to relish standing for during his playing days.

After Woodson spoke, fellow analyst Trent Dilfer went on a long, neck-bulging rant about RESPECTING THE GAME, which Woodson met with more common sense.


“I keep hearing people saying, just heard you say, there’s a time and a place to do certain things like this, but what’s the objectivity [sic] of any protest?” Woodson asked. “It’s to get maximum exposure for what you’re talking about.”


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