Chase Young makes boombox speaker look like walkie-talkie

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Good morning. Chase Young would like you to wake up.
Good morning. Chase Young would like you to wake up.
Screenshot: Instagram

Chase Young is built just a little bit different.

Who else do you know that can rock what looks like a boombox speaker as if it were a handheld radio?

This man Chase Young is up at around 8-something in the morning blasting that new Rylo Rodriguez before a huge game against Seattle.


You know he’s ready.

Young helps lead a Washington front seven that has been instrumental in getting the Football Team to first place in the NFC East.


Washington’s defense will have to be extra dominant this week to make up for the loss of quarterback Alex Smith to a calf injury. The Team is trying to hold off the Giants and the new-look Jalen Hurts Eagles to grab a playoff spot this season in a division that has become less of a joke in recent weeks.

Expect Young to be a big part of this team’s success in the last three weeks of the season.