We could rightly be accused of focusing almost exclusively on the negatives coming from the corrupt, morally-deplorable, slavery-fueled, death-riddled, yet inevitable 2022 World Cup set to be hosted in Qatar, so let’s take a change of tack today. Instead of worrying about that nasty business, let’s appreciate the omelettes those cracked human eggs will have whipped up when construction is over and the indentured servants are finally (hopefully) free to return home. Because the hotels and stadiums those slaves are set to construct look pretty neat!

Above is an artistic rendering of the Giancarlo Zema Design Group’s Amphibious 1000 hotel. Here’s another view to get the full scope.

The luxury hotel is designed to resemble an octopus, with sprawling arm-like structures radiating away from the main building, each tentacle featuring cool rooms where the people charged with building the thing will never in their wildest dreams be able to afford.


Below some of the individual pods, there will be underwater rooms for the guests to enjoy, while never having to think about the shameful conditions involved in its construction. Here are some more photos:

Next, feast your eyes upon the Silver Pearl. This hotel (pictures courtesy of the designers, M. Castedo Architects) will be located about a mile off the Doha shore, accessible by a to-be-constructed new road. There will also be a dock and a helicopter pad, for those attendees who are too rich-as-fuck to ever set foot on an actual road.

The coolest views are those showing the hotel in profile.

As the Pearl glistens in the moonlight, it will serve as an awe-inspiring symbol of Qatar’s spirit of industry and renovation—so long as nobody thinks too hard about the impoverished migrant workers who probably died while building it.


Lest you think only the most well-monied attendees of the 2022 World Cup will be treated to such stunning architecture at their ritzy hotels, many of the stadiums themselves will be true works of wonder. Just look at some of these babies:

Alas, while the powers-that-be have already made clear that Qatar will retain hosting privileges despite both the moral and sporting problems, 2022 is still far away. Many of these buildings exist primarily on paper in visualization form and have yet to take significant shape. Still, if there’s one surefire way to make World Cup fans forget about staggering human rights atrocities, it’s giving them underwater hotel rooms.

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Stadium photos via Getty. Construction photos via AP.

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