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Check Out These Rad Pictures Of An Exploding Funny Car [UPDATE: Now With A GIF]

Tony Pedregon, NHRA Funny Car champion in 2007, ran into some slight difficulty in his race against Todd Lesenko on Friday in Pomona when his car blew up. (Lesenko knows how it is.) Funny cars are sort of designed to explode without incident—it's not hard to find stories about engines going up in flames the way Pedregon's did—and this lethal-looking blaze led to zero injuries, so feel free to enjoy the flaming wreckage guilt-free (and click to expand). Mmm, fire.


Fulll sequence, including the car's body about 20 feet in the air, right here, and an excellent shot of Pedregon basically sitting on a chair of flames here.

h/t Mark Rebilas

Update: Here's moving pictures!

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