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We're going to get into tonight's Cardinals-Giants, Bonds-Pujols matchup a little later today, but we thought the time was right to remind you of our Barry Bonds home run challenge, which encouraged you, nearly a month ago now, to predict which pitcher would give up the homer that passed Babe Ruth. We, like most of you, thought this would happen a long time ago, so most of the predictions we received ended up being wrong. (Milwaukee's Dave Bush was the most popular response.)

Since it seems distinctly possible that Bonds will break the record against our beloved Cardinals ā€” with our father and sister in attendance, no less ā€” we thought we'd sift through some of the guesses and see if anybody picked any Cardinals. We were surprised to see that some did.

ā€¢ Braden Looper ā€” Craig Barry
ā€¢ Jeff Suppan ā€” Soren Carlson (Suppan pitched yesterday, so this is unlikely.)
ā€¢ Sidney Ponson ā€” Nick Bromberg (Ponson is hurt.)

At this point ... we have a sinking Jason Marquis feeling. Our favorite repeated pick, by the way: Philadelphia's Ryan Franklin, for obvious reasons.


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