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Time after time, a video of some unbelievable sports stunt goes viral only for us all to discover it was a hoax perpetuated by some marketer executing a viral ad campaign. That might be the case here, but we're pretty sure this is from halftime of tonight's William Carey game at home against Auburn-Montgomery. WCU is a Baptist-affiliated NAIA school in Hattiesburg, so athletic attention isn't the sort of thing they're used to; if the description to this video is accurate, the cheerleader responsible for this insanity is an Ashlee Arnau, who appears to exist (she has a Facebook page, on which we learned she works at Hooters).

Once bitten, twice shy. So we're not totally buying this until somebody uploads decent quality video, but here it is for your observation regardless.


Update (11:39 p.m.): Meh.


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