Photo: Stu Forster (Getty)

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri really, really likes to smoke. So much so that he used to light up on the sideline and in the tunnel when he managed Napoli:

He reportedly has a multi-pack-a-day habit. Once, after being sent off during a game against AC Milan, he got his pack out as soon as he hit the stands:

Sarri has just begun his first season in charge of Chelsea, and unfortunately for him smoking is banned inside U.K. soccer stadiums. This has left Sarri to seek out creative ways to fight off his jones during games. During Sunday’s game against Newcastle, Sarri unveiled the “chomp on a nasty old cigarette butt” technique:

Photo: Stu Forster (Getty)


There has to be a better solution than this, right? Can someone get this man a pack of nicotine gum?