Chicago Has A History Of Stadium Bathroom Stall Sex

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John Kass's harrowing tale of Dr. Nemeth and his son—who had their Sox Opening Day ruined by a couple in Windy City heat—prompted one reader to send along his video of a post-coital couple at Wrigley from 2007.

Just saw the piece the Sox Park Shenangians. I'm a Cubs fan and took a video of a couple getting kicked out of the new bleacher bathroom at Wrigley. Here's a link to the video on my youtube page...I can pretty much only narrow it down to a day game in Sept. 2007.

Unlike the Cowboys couple, where we see three seconds of Irvin-jersey'd power-thrusting, this Cubbie couple video shows the festive aftermath. Just like poor Dr. Nemeth witnessed at the Sox game, the witnesses rewarded their brazenness with raucous applause.

The Sox Park sexing also prompted another reader to share his own up-close experience with the phenomenon:

I was at a Bon Jovi, concert at the Quest Center (Creighton Bluejays play there) in Omaha last month (I had to take the girlfriend) and after many $8 beers had to use the facilities. Needless to say there wasn't a line in the bathrooms as it was the middle of the headliners set. I walk in and head for the urinal and notice a cop standing outside a stall looking in. I'm casually thinking some guy is puking or O.D. In comes another cop and he gets in the stall next to the problem and stands up on the toilet and looks over the divider. He starts yelling to "Get your pants on" then he yells "you get your pants on too" . The guy pissing next to me and I both turn to look and realize there was a couple screwing to the music as you could still hear the concert in the john. As they are dressing the cops were cool and told them to get out of there and they didn't ticket them. The first cop just looks at us two guys still getting rid of those $8 beers and says "she sure is making her mom proud in there".

2010: Summer of Stall Sex. It's happening.


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