Chiefs Suspend Tyreek Hill After Audio Leaks Of Him Threatening Fiancée

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The Kansas City Chiefs announced last night that star wide receiver Tyreek Hill would be suspended indefinitely from all team activities. The team made their announcement shortly after Kansas City CBS affiliate KCTV5 released an audio recording of Hill being confronted by his fiancée Crystal Espinal about the circumstances that led to their three-year-old son breaking his arm.

“We were deeply disturbed by what we heard [on the recorded conversation],” Chiefs GM Brett Veach said. “We were deeply concerned. Now, obviously, we have great concern for Crystal. We are greatly concerned for Tyreek. But our main focus, our main concern, is with the young child.”


“We are going to continue to gather information and we will make the right decision.”

KCTV5 published the audio hours after Johnson County DA Stephen Howe announced that his office would not pursue criminal charges against Hill, because while they ruled that a crime did take place, they couldn’t identify who broke the child’s arm. Hill has denied that he did it.

On the recording, Espinal asks Hill why their three-year-old son said, “Daddy did it,” when asked about his broken arm. Hill denies it, and when Espinal asks why he would lie and says he is terrified of his father, Hill says, “You need to be terrified of me, too, bitch.” The couple also discuss their disciplinary practices and Espinal talks about Hill punching their son in the chest and bringing out a belt.


Two Overland Park PD unites were dispatched to Hill’s home last night, per TMZ, though nobody was arrested. Meanwhile, the NFL is conducting an investigation of their own, and DA Howe said that his office is in the process of reviewing the audio.


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