Chinese Also Befuddled By "Pioneer Girl"

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Even though many angry people voiced their displeasure with Blazer Girl's appearances on Deadspin, one newspaper has been wowed by her brazenness and her hatred of all things Los Angeles. Pioneer Girl to the rescue.

Yes, for some reason, a Chinese newspaper did a lengthy feature on our feisty gal in Oregon and through the magic of Google Translator, we can somewhat make out what the hell they're babbling about.

Sports network has a pioneer in hearing some remarks made by fans, attracted wide media attention the Lakers, on the network people to call this girl called "pioneer girl"

She was a lovely young woman (at least from her point of view is this photo). Clearly, she was the last year in the University of Oregon has done, than those living in Portland separately outside the borders of the city, even living in the north-west better than NBA fans.

n her writing some of the blog, she will Yiwuyishi tell you that she's wearing the other fans who feel disgust, as if like her living in the cracks of the city's people more than anybody else has a stylish atmosphere. However, she has resolved his contempt for the fans in Los Angeles, but before that he was in Los Angeles, is still quite honorably.

"I was born in Los Angeles contempt. As a Portland fan, it is only right and proper. I gradually grew up, when I finished off the rift inside the city of cartoon glasses of alcohol and accompany me to those around us on the wall depicting life-size posters of Clyde Drexler and Terry Porter, I would think: this is all tailor-made for me. "
Poor child.

"Life is only one professional sports organization in the states, which means that large group of fans will be coming in when the playoffs get excited. Usually it also means that this time of year, we have to endure a large number of pseudo-fan of the Lakers. "

"In a campus bar, I drank cheap beer, while watching the Lakers and the Nuggets series of the first. After all, I still go to school, did not pocket the money, but also in the all around me watching with is not a professional group of 'fans', what I drink wine or less important. I can tell you a very interesting phenomenon: cheap beer, the equivalent of a drunk I am. Whenever I drink the rise, I will become more filled with hatred and cause trouble everywhere. "

"有一点可以肯定,就在喝完几瓶银子弹之后,我对湖人的憎恨就会表露无疑。" "One thing is certain, just after drinking bottles of silver bullets, I hate the Lakers will be making their voice heard."

Perhaps now that the schools have been opened, and she can farther away from those cheap beer, but also to avoid the health of non-gratuitous: she can concentrate on learning the. 但是我可不想这样。 But I do not want this.

In a way, "pioneers Girl," has become a celebrity. 现在,我们经常可以在Deadspin.com网站看到她的出现。 Now, we can often see her in the emergence of Web site There is no doubt that in the new season approaching, she would tell her story more.


See? This all makes so much more sense now. Commence bitching.

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