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Chip Kelly: I'm Not Racist, You Guys

Well, this was inevitable. With all the eyebrow-wriggling and “makes u think though, right?” comments that have been made about Chip Kelly by the likes of LeSean McCoy and Stephen A. Smith, Kelly has now come out and publicly stated that he is not, in fact, The Real Racist.

At a press conference today, Kelly was asked to respond to McCoy and Smith’s implications that he cut some guys from the his team in part because those guys are black (via ESPN):

“I’ve got great respect for LeSean,” Kelly said Thursday in his first public reaction to McCoy’s comments. “However, in that situation, I think he’s wrong. We put a lot of time looking into character and factors that go into selection and retention of players. Color’s never been one of them.”


Well, I guess that’s that. Pretty cut-and-dry statement from Chip there. On the other hand, isn’t that exactly the kind of thing The Real Racist would say just to get us off his back??Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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