Chris Connelly Named Interim Editor-In-Chief Of Grantland

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ESPN has just announced that Chris Connelly will take over as the editor-in-chief of Grantland, on an interim basis.

Here’s ESPN’s statement:

“We are thrilled to have a journalist of Chris’ caliber join us on an interim basis as we go forward and build on the smart, fun, adventurous, creative, unexpected and vital spirit of Grantland,” said Marie Donoghue, ESPN’s executive vice president, global strategy and original content. “Chris has been an award-winning journalist and storyteller in sports, music and pop culture for over three decades, and as a longtime contributor at Grantland, he appreciates the incredible team we have assembled.”


Connelly started at Rolling Stone and has been around forever, but you probably recognize him as The Guy Who Does The Voiceover For Treacly SportsCenter Segments About Sick Kids, or The Guy Who Fidgets Uncomfortably While Bill Simmons Proclaims Kristin Wiig To Be Unsexy. He seems like a smart and capable guy, and he’ll probably do a fine job.