Starting pitcher Chris Sale is a valued player in good standing with the White Sox, so heā€™s using his position to call out the teamā€™s handling of Adam LaRoche and his 14-year-old son, Drake. This morning, Sale had both LaRochesā€™ jerseys hanging in his locker, and accused White Sox vice president Kenny Williams of lying to the team.

(For the record, Adam and Drake LaRoche are healthy and alive.)

Sale believed that Williams was dishonest when he explained why Drake shouldnā€™t be around as often. The pitcher said that Williams wasnā€™t clear with the reason for his decision:


According to outfielder Adam Eaton, the MLBPA will get involved, because LaRocheā€™s contract included a clause for Drakeā€™s presence in the clubhouse:


Williams, who was okay with being the scapegoat, is now most definitely the scapegoat. Now that heā€™s done regulating the visits of a teen, he needs to deal with an irate starter and a union.

Photo: AP