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Cincinnati Also Wants To Steal Money From Its Football Players

You’d think the wave of shit that came crashing down on Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster after he told reporters of his plans to discipline his players with monetary fines, followed by the Hokies AD’s immediate nuking of the asinine idea, would have scared other schools away from trying the same thing. Not Cincinnati, though! Cincinnati is very comfortable being awful.


We cannot stress enough how completely ridiculous and borderline evil a policy like this is. The new inclusion of small stipends—Schad reports that Cincinnati players will receive somewhere between $5,504 and $7,018—in athletic scholarships marks the first time that college football players have received anything close to resembling compensation for their labor, and the College Football Hardman Complex’s first instinct is to hover around those little fistfuls of money like vultures. Tommy Tuberville makes $2.2 million per year. Mike Bohn makes $500,000 per year in base salary. Both men are disgraceful.

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