Cincinnati Columnist Remarkably Upset That Homer Bailey Said “Fucking”

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Homer Bailey threw a no-hitter. Excited, Homer Bailey said "I just fucking walked a guy." Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer is still trying to soothe his virgin ears.

While the rest of us were celebrating Bailey' no-hitter, Daugherty took to Twitter to tsk-tsk not only Bailey, but the rest of America, just sitting by as a grown man says a bad word.

Bailey just dropped an F bomb into his postage TV interview. Very classy

— Paul Daugherty (@EnquirerDoc) July 3, 2013

Lemme make sure I have this straight. The fact he threw a no hitter entitles him to drop F bombs on live TV. All right then

— Paul Daugherty (@EnquirerDoc) July 3, 2013

@Aves3 I can give him a pass. But not the folks who rationalize away what he did. Kinda disheartening to think winning trumps class

— Paul Daugherty (@EnquirerDoc) July 3, 2013

Truth bombs dropped, Daugherty went to bed. But it was not a peaceful sleep. He tossed, and turned, unable to come to terms with a civilization where someone cursed on cable TV and everyone thinks that's OK. And when he woke up, he was still angry. So angry that he just had to write about it on his blog.

Great effort, from a guy whose potential has wowed us for years.

Too bad he tarnished it afterward.

Too bad the Hall of Fame will refuse his glove, because of his naughty language.


I mean, please.

Please stop using single-sentence, and even single-word paragraphs. Even Marcus Hayes thinks it's too much.

Bailey’s action wasnt as bad as your reaction. Lemme see if I have this straight: The fact he threw a no-hitter entitles him to drop an F-bomb on live TV.

The army of apologists even suggested it was FSN’s fault, for not having a delay.

Is winning really that important?

What Bailey's words in the heat of the moment have to do with winning is beyond me. He's not being excused because he threw a no-hitter. He's being excused because no one cares. If someone has the wherewithal to get on the twitter machine, or even just the internet where Paul Daugherty's Morning Hot Sports Take exists, they know the f-word. They've seen the f-word. They've used the f-word.


(Note that the random bolding of phrases is Daughtery's, presumably to emphasize the brilliant conciseness of points like "a little Twitter war immediately after.")

In the course of the 15-minute Twitter skirmish between me and my “followers,” not one respondent took Bailey to task. I mean, not one.

That’s disheartening. Bailey is an adult. He is a professional.

That makes one of you!

Winning isn’t everything, OK? Winning with grace and dignity matters. Even these days, when insults and a lack of civility are as close as your thumbs and a cell phone.

Congratulations to Bailey on his second no-hitter in 10 months. Spectacular achievement. Now apologize for diminishing it with your childish behavior.


Fuck this guy.

I mean, fuck him.

Time to apologize []