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Citizens Bank Park Is Off To A Thrilling Postseason Start

You know, it sure does seem like there are a lot of forlorn, lonely looking Phillies fans pictures on the wire today. And why wouldn't there be?

AJ Daulerio might have famously proclaimed "Neither God, Jesus Christ, nor a fire-shitting demon from hell wants to fuck with the Phillies right now," but at this point, we're not sure the Phillies would have much chance in beep baseball. Some fans are on Charlie Manuel's case, but the Rockies are a shitstorm right now; they're overmatching the Phillies in every possible way. The first postseason for the Phillies in 14 years — jeez, the Rockies have been there since they have — is in serious danger of not lasting through the weekend.


Meanwhile, we wonder how this series is going over for Mets fans. Sure, you get to watch the team that bested yours lose, in hideous fashion, but to have the harbinger of doom be Kaz Matsui ... that has to cause some internal strife.

Rockies Win Pushes Phils To The Brink [BeerLeaguer]

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