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Clemens Decides To Stay In Houston, Yep

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Credit Newsday's Ken Davidoff with the big scoop: Roger Clemens is signing with the Houston Astros.

Clemens, 43, has signed a one-year deal that is believed to be worth about $3.5 million per month, which will probably equate to about $10.5 million for the season, depending on when exactly he returns to action. ... An announcement is expected as soon as today.


Some had suspected Clemens might spurn the Astros' advances since they're already 7 1/2 games out of first place. If true, it's worth noting — hypothetically speaking, of course — that Clemens' return date would allow Michael Jordan-like steroid suspension theorists to continue their froth. No matter, what, though, the real question is: Is he going to keep doing that Icy Hot thing? Oh, and who's gonna do his laundry?

Clemens To Sign With Astros [Newsday]

(UPDATE: Astros and Clemens are denying the report. Ball's in your court, Newsday.)


(SECOND UPDATE: And now it's official. So much for those denials.)

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