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Roger Gets The Jordan Treatment

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You know, it just wouldn't be the Internet without Roger Clemens steroids rumors. It's like they make the place whole.

As Clemens — pictured here, inevitably, with Emmylou Harris — works out to show various teams he's worth $15 million, the old rumors about him being busted for steroids — whose debunking were memorably chronicled by Sports Illustrated — are popping back up again.


It's the Jordan Suspended For Gambling Theory this time. From a reader:

Roger Clemens was given a 50 game suspension for steroids. Many interested parties thought it would be best if that information was not released publicly for obvious reasons (P.R. already has their hands full with Barry Bonds.) He says he will decide in three weeks, but his agent says he could decide in 10 days (that's when Astros have played their 50th game). You'll see him in the Cardinals series ...

God we love conspiracy theories. The Web, it's the Wild West, we tell you! No rules!

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