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Clemson Players Cope With Syracuse Loss By Staging Locker-Room Boxing Match

Image via 5thyear

Fresh off their upset loss to Syracuse, Clemson players appeared to take out the frustration of seeing their playoff dreams float over to N.C. State by trying and failing to beat the shit out of each other.

Video surfaced on Instagram Wednesday night of a pair of unidentified Clemson players boxing in the team locker room; while numerous players can be seen filming the fight, the below video is the only one that’s surfaced so far.


The result is not so much a fight as it is a slip-n-slide slapfest—the footwork’s terrible (not surprising considering they’re sporting socks), the ducking is abysmal, and the punches are nothing but wild haymakers and rabbit punches, few of which land. Both players end up on the floor by the end on account of their continued inability to post any sort of defense against anyone wearing Orange. A Clemson sports information director told “we are aware of it” but has yet to comment further on the matter.

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