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There's a reason that you must wait five years until after your career is over to be elected to most professional sports Halls of Fame; it looks strange to have a Hall of Famer out there running around like everybody else. It seems beneath them, somehow.

This is what we're telling ourselves today, anyway, as we realize we have come to an end of an era: Clinton Portis has officially retired his press conference characters.

Portis says that a member of our guy Radio Larry's staff who used to help with the tailback's costumes — often convincing him to go on with the antics — no longer works here. Dolla Bill is lost without her. The thrill is gone, sadly.


We suppose this is a good thing; if it had been allowed to continue indefinitely, Portis would have started repeating himself, or just doing schtick, like showing up in a dress, or pretending to be Michael Irvin. It's important to quit while one is ahead. We will remember Portis' characters for what they were, timeless, etched in bronze forever, wearing frizzy wigs, oversized ears and screaming about the time he took the Boys and Girls Club to the Super Bowl. Gone, but far from forgotten.

Portis No Longer In Character [Redskins Insider]

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