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Clinton Portis Plays All The Old Hits

We hope whoever takes over this site keeps the Deadspin Hall Of Fame going; it would make us very happy to see that still cruising along in a decade. (We also love that it's so difficult to get in; just one inductee last year!) One of the earliest enshrinees, Clinton Portis, is returning to his old tricks ... if in a somewhat less interesting, more corporate family friendly fashion.


Portis has some new characters for the NFL Network's site, and though some are slightly amusing, we repeat what we said last time he brought out a new character: "It's like the final season of "Arrested Development;" not as inspired as the first go-arounds, but we're all just grateful it's back, nevertheless." Except, you know, a little less so.

That said: We find it difficult not to laugh at "Dr. Do Itch Big." And we support presidential candidate Prime Minister Yah Mon's plan to lower gas prices by 40 cents. It's that easy! That's change we can believe in!

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