Clinton Spends His One Night A Year With His Brother At Shea

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We didn't notice this from our seat about three miles overhead, but former President Bill Clinton was at Shea Stadium last night, saying the fact that the Cardinals were the visiting team was at least part of the reason he came by.

Clinton recalled tuning the dial as a boy in Arkansas, picking up St. Louis station KMOX. "I grew up listening to the Cardinals on the radio. I can remember doing my homework in grade school all the way through high school, listening to Harry Caray do their games."

Of course, the Cardinals, in the midst of a beautiful PR year for the franchise, have made sure no kids in Arkansas will grow up that way again. The best part of the game was that Bill brought his brother Roger with him. We imagine Roger begging Bill for months to go to a ballgame with him, pointing it out had been years since he'd publicly embarassed him and that he loved to get him dem tickets once the Birds were in town.


Bill Clinton made sure to get a picture with Scott Rolen, which makes sense, because even though Rolen is not from Arkansas, he might as well be.

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(NOTE: This is the last time we will discuss last night's game. Ever.)