Clippers Release Video To Remind Us Donald Sterling Isn't The Owner

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Clippers released a new hype video to start the new season. The message: Buy tickets and come to our games, because Donald Sterling doesn't own the team anymore!


Seriously, that's the whole point of the video. It's titled "Be Relentless," and has action shots of new owner Steve Ballmer looking turnt intermingled with Clippers players and head coach Doc Rivers doing various inspirational and aspirational things. Though they never mention Sterling, who until last summer was one of the two worst owners in all of sports, they spend a solid minute subtweeting the shit out of him.

"You think you know who we are?" some disembodied dude challenges. "You're wrong. This is a new game, a new era. We are harder, battle-tested. We are relentless.

"We've walked through fire," the dude reveals, "and come out the other side. This isn't a new chapter. This is a beginning. Can you feel it? This is our time. We are ready.

"You want to know who we are?" the dude asks. "This is who we are. This is who we are."

Whatever. It's overdone, and self-conscious, and corny, and it should be. Their owner was Donald fucking Sterling! That guy sucked and sucks and refuses to die.

But Ballmer's wack, too.