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Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez sat down with CNBC’s Bob Pisani at a charity event on Tuesday to talk about their good works and show people how much they care, but Pisani wanted to get to the good stuff—namely, the state of the once-contentious relationship between the former players, A-Rod dating J-Lo, and Jeter buying the Marlins.

“This is a treat to see you guys together. ... You guys are friends now?” Pisani asked at the start of the interview. “Shortstop, third base,” Rodriguez quipped. “This is exactly how we were back in the day.”


Pisani, determined to ask the hard questions that would have mattered a decade ago, pushed on. “You greeted each other warmly, the press made a little thing about the back-and-forth between you two. Was that real?”

“You’re bringing up stories from about 20 years ago, huh?” Jeter replied. “History Channel,” Rodriguez added.


Pisani made a rocky transition to Rodriguez’s appearance at the Met Gala with Jennifer Lopez—“You showed up with J-Lo last night, of course, you want to talk about that?”—and asked Jeter about his plans to buy the Miami Marlins.

“There’s absolutely nothing to add to that. I think the media ran with a story but we’re here today for the BTIG Charity Day,” Jeter said.

Pisani persisted cheerily. “But 1.3 billion—a lot of money to buy a big league baseball team. You’re going to be involved in that if we get the deal done?”

“Like I said, we’re here for the charity event today and we’re not here to talk about anything else,” Jeter responded.


The interview was mostly A-Rod utilizing an uncomfortable, forced chuckle and Jeter looking visibly pissed. Great TV.

Reporter at Deadspin.

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