Coach Loses World Series Ring After "Messing Around" With Two Women Of Ill Repute

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Pat Daneker, pitching coach of the Staten Island Yankees, lost the ring, a team-issued cell phone, and the contents of his wallet after an alcohol-fueled evening with two women in Tampa. It's the Yankee way.

Daneker and another coach in the Yankees system, Carlos Chantres, met two women "wearing short mini skirts" in a bar. Daneker and the two went back to his room at the Holiday Inn Express, and that's when everything gets a little hazy for him.


Fifteen minutes after they all arrived, the women left without Daneker. He can't recall exactly what happened, other than that he was "extremely intoxicated" and that they all "messed around." But his World Championship ring, two cell phones and $120 were missing, and he reported the theft to police.

Chantres allegedly knew the two women, but that's kind of curious, since the hotel clerk says Daneker took money out of the ATM before bringing them up to his room. I think there's a technical term for women like that.


The women are being sought and face theft charges. Daneker, who is married, faces a lot worse than that.

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