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As we watched yet another A-list huge Hollywood star attempt to withstand the blistering interrogation of ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" this morning โ€” in this case, Nick Swardson, "star" of Grandma's Boy โ€” we paused to reflect on "Cold Pizza"'s move yesterday to 10 a.m. The ESPN morning show was moved back two hours for "Mike and Mike In the Morning," which, essentially, is a camera in a radio studio.

"Cold Pizza" is, of course, barely a morning show at all anymore; by the time it's airing now, you could go out and buy yourself a new, crisp, hot piece of pizza. (Or you know, a sandwich, whatever.) Eventually, it's gonna get moved back all the way back to midnight; we're not sure the temperature of the pizza at that point.

"Cold Pizza" [Official Site]